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Pumphouse Crew get the royal treatment

How does one of the most popular "pub & grub's" on the South African KZN South Coast manage to take their entire staff compliment out of the December hussle and bussle to at least thank their own crew for hard work and dedication and provide them with a Christmas function while still, at the same time ensuring that the restaurant and pub is still open and running? Easy! They take the plunge and accept an offer from local business people and other professionls to take over for the night.  So:  Monday night, 19 Dec was transformed into "Burger Night" and Pumphouse was invaded- and run - by:

  • a contractor
  • an IT Specialist in medical administration field,
  • Distributors of some of the best pies and other bakes on the South Coast and kitchen management specialists with some estate agent activity on the side
  • a Customer Relationship Manager specialising in brand awareness, staff training, rocking service and websites,
  • a Politician & counsellor,
  • an image, beauty & wellness consultant specialising in product of one of the worlds most adored and respected cosmetic houses
  • The "invasion team" managed to run and keep the pub open until way past midnight - with no breakages!
  • The team, who had never worked together as a group before took on the challenge with great spunk and functioned like a 'well oiled machine" - jokingly they said, after the shift, "we're available if you need your business run" - 5 to 7 hours is our max"


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