Varsity Sports SA coming to Margate - Margate and Plett - 2 of the best seaside vacation and play spots in the country for varsity students. See what's coming to Margate 30th Nov to 1 December 2012! Margate and surrounds will be rocking and Pumphouse Bar
KZN branch of PETER MAYER's Piana Pleasure - tuning and restoration of all piano's

Owners of the new look and feel Pumphouse-at-the-Sea restuarant and social venue on the KZN South Coast were delighted to have secured the services of PETER MAYER to tune their newly acquired vintage upright piano - says the owners "that old lady has once
Featuring at Pumphouse at the Sea from 8 October 2012 - sport your true talent

Our popular NO SIGNAL earns a great write-up in the media
Band No Signal plays at Pumphouse-at-the-sea on weekends - come in and enjoy !

Pumphouse's Global involvement: Saturday 31 March 2012 the world switches off for one hour. EARTH HOUR. 8.30pm to 9.30pm. Read more about the global EARTHHOUR by clicking into the official link.
Kwazulu-Natal Tourism Authority South Africa with the punchline "Zulu Kingdom. Exceptional". We are not directly associated to the KZN Tourism Authority but since we meet so many tourists from around the world, Pumphouse Margate certainly recommend this

Self Catering South Coast Accommodation: Adventure Accommodation - Pumphouse crew is often asked about self catering South Coast accommodation. Although not directly associated with Adventure Accommodation, we have had feedback that Alfonso Middleton from
South Coast Live - see the Pumphouse Blog when clicking on this link. Pumphouse gives SCL the thumbs up and compliments to Kate who knows her stuff. i.e. recommend her knowledge and passion

Always an effort to find a calendar to determine when the next public holidays in South Africa are? We found this website link that gives a quick and effective summary on public holidays in South Africa.
SCHOOL HOLIDAYS: always wondering when the South African school holidays are scheduled? We found this website link that gives a super summary of all school holidays in South Africa for 2012

Pumphouse patrons are going to be having great fun with the latest Castlelite promo where you stand a chance of winning fabulous prizes - pop on in and ask for the photographer - Margate and the South Coast is not standing back on this one, let's show the
Great social fun! Pumphouse patrons, let's get it on with great social predictions - who will the local hero's be? To find out how it works, all info is available on the Superbru website. Pumphouse gaan lekker superbru speel - nou kan ons kyk wie's eintli

Africa Bike Week in Margate South Africa 26th to 30th April 2012- we are not associated to this website but found it to be an awesome hub of information surrounding Africa Bike Week in Margate South Africa.
Artist Fibi Fey is in the house, the Pumphouse! Some of the art works of Fibi Fey, owner of Pumphouse Bar & restaurant on the KZN South Coast, South Africa, showcased on this website. You will also spot just a few of her original artworks in the establis

Giving East Coast Radio the thumbs up on accurate traffic reports - see our newsletter blog for information surrounding horror crash on R61 that is causing traffic diverts through Margate/Marine Drive.
Treetops Lodge, in Margate, heart of the South Coast of KZN offers accommodation ranging from bed & breakfast (B&B) to self catering accommodation. We are not directly associated to Treetops Lodge but we were delighted to have Walter as one of the food cr

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Website contains tourist information for holidaymakers to the Hibiscus Coast. We are not directly associated but Pumphouse gives this website the thumbs up and often refer patrons to this website for additional information regarding the Hibiscus Coast, fo
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