Visitor from space

During and after the Africa Bike Week 2012 mass ride - it's pumping at Pumphouse-at-the-Sea! Albie Eagar (from Honda Auto Menlyn Pretoria) with his gorgeous lady

The view from the deck - always lovely ...

Our lovely locals standing out in the crowd - gorgeous during Bike Week 2012 on the KZN South Coast

Ocean view from our sundeck, restuarant and pub. A tree was recently trimmed back to allow an even better panoramic view from all tables on the sundeck.

Pumphouse pride - our view is great! Not only the seaview but also our surrounding holiday/accommodation complexes - pure aesthetic delights.

Our Margate / Manaba restaurant & pub with an ocean view - these photo's were taken from the outside deck after a tree that was blocking a portion of the ocean view was trimmed back completely. Ocean open to enjoy from all tables on the deck now.

Universal Health Care comes to town ... (and sincere congratulations to the beautiful couple, Gideon and Lisa on their engagement! Love is in the air, the ocean air). A Spring day wedding said it all when Gideon and Lisa have become Mr & Mrs Schoeman on 1 September 2012. Congratulations guys - may your life together be filled with cherished moments.
Celebrations of Love and special occasions

The crew at Pumphouse at your service when you're celebrating special moments
Where_to_go_to_celebrate_special_occassions_Pumphouse_celebration00119462.jpg Where_to_go_to_celebrate_special_occassions_Pumphouse_celebration00319462.jpg Where_to_go_to_celebrate_special_occassions_Pumphouse_celebration00219462.jpg Where_to_go_to_celebrate_special_occassions_Pumphouse_celebration00419462.jpg Where_to_go_to_celebrate_special_occassions_Pumphouse_celebration00519462.jpg 00319462.JPG 02119462.JPG 04519462.JPG


Supporting Arrive Alive ... think of me before you forget to remember ... x

Artist under Construction? Beautiful Bubble, little Mieke van Antwerpen concentrating only on her works of art and taking a moment NOT to look at the photographer - I'm on vacation and busy creating an artwork, leave-me-alone moment at Pumphouse in Margate, South Africa, December 2011

8*ta beach festival & promotion hits Margate beaches with a bang and the pink beach balls are visible all over! But everyone needs a bite to eat, Noni Mino takes time out to enjoy a T-Bone at Margate's pumping restaurant - (seen here with Pumphouse owner businesswoman Fibi Fey and visitor Johan Smit from Jhb - Thursday, 22 Dec 2011)

Special moments: Generation Pic with Nelius, Nelius and Oom Robbie (88) - Friday, 23 December 2011

Family Luiters & van Reenen

Special moments at a favourite family restaurant on the South Coast, KZN, South Africa

What's more gorgeous, the beaches on the South Coast of KZN, South Africa or being at the service of a gorgeous couple like this with their family? Management & staff of Margate's Pumphouse pub and restaurant were delighted to be at the service of this Pretoria family. (Our photographer was delighted to capture this precious moment)

Special Moments, Pumphouse Restaurant and Pub, Margate South Africa. (Thursday, 8 Dec 2011)

KZN South Africa: South Coast business owners taking time out to chill a little on a rainy Thursday evening at Pumphouse At The Sea - popular Margate family resutaurant and pub

From Benoni to Toti, you name it, bottom line, it was great to serve some of the Students, class of 2011 at the Pumphouse ... you go guys! Awesome to be part of your chill-out journey after putting down that proverbial examination pen - we have no doubt you all will move on to do magical things in your individual worlds.

The Britz family from Middelburg, Mpumalanga, stopping over at the Pumphouse, KZN during their December 2011 vacation - what a pleasure to serve you! IWe're heading for summer again, it's 2012, hope to see you soon x

Where to go what to do when it's rainy & cool in Margate and surrounds? Pumphouse-at-the-Sea provides a cosy environment with "great grub" at reasonable prices. Eat, chill, enjoy.

...and then ofcourse there was a "girl moment" - what a moment it was - our photographer could not resist. Ahhhh!

regular patrons at the Pumphouse in Manaba beach, on the border of Margate, very close to Shelley Beach, Uvongo, St Michaels on Sea, Ramsgate and about a half an hour from the Wild Coast Sun. You'd note that Penny has also joined the crew at Pumphouse at the Sea and ensures super service is "hip an happening" when she's on duty.

Pumphouse. A popular little new treasure on the South Coast, KZN. We spotted the new logo/signage board that went up at the Pumphouse during December 2011... wow, Pumphouse has captured the ocean alive! Nice one! See more pics of Pumphouse-at-the-sea under photogallery.

of course, there are the treasured locals that have many a story to tell - what a pleasure for the PUMPHOUSE to serve Leon on a regular basis - what would we do without your stories, without your poetry? Here's to you. x

A gorgeous Pretoria/Gauteng family enjoying the vibe at one of Margate South Africa's popular things to do, the Pumphouse Pub & Restuarant. What a pleasure to be at your service here on the South Coast, KZN !
Pumphouse Potjie Rock, (Sat 17 December 2011)

Where_to_go_on_the_KZN_South_Coast_near_Margate_potjie_day00119425.jpg Where_to_go_on_the_KZN_South_Coast_near_Margate_potjie_day00219425.jpg Where_to_go_on_the_KZN_South_Coast_near_Margate_potjie_day00319425.jpg Where_to_go_on_the_KZN_South_Coast_near_Margate_potjie_day00519425.jpg Where_to_go_on_the_KZN_South_Coast_near_Margate_potjie_day00419425.jpg Where_to_go_on_the_KZN_South_Coast_near_Margate_potjie_day00619425.jpg Where_to_go_on_the_KZN_South_Coast_near_Margate_potjie_day00719425.jpg Where_to_go_on_the_KZN_South_Coast_near_Margate_potjie_day00819425.jpg Where_to_go_on_the_KZN_South_Coast_near_Margate_potjie_day00919425.jpg Where_to_go_on_the_KZN_South_Coast_near_Margate_potjie_day01019425.jpg Potjie_winners_with_judges0119425.jpg Where_to_go_on_the_KZN_South_Coast_near_Margate_potjie_day00619425.jpg Potjie_Day_in_Margate_South_Africa_17_Dec_2011_01719425.JPG Potjie_Day_in_Margate_South_Africa_17_Dec_2011_01919425.JPG Potjie_at_Pumphouse_phase_2_00119425.jpg Potjie_at_Pumphouse_phase_2_00219425.jpg Potjie_at_Pumphouse_phase_2_00319425.jpg


Nothing gets in the way of this little Princess, when she wants to investigate she investigates. The little lady stole many a hearts during afternoon lunch at Pumphouse (Margate, South Africa)
Where friends and families meet

Great friends, awesome families, excellent company, great cuisine, super menu, super service, drinks, laughter, memorable moments - it all happens at this home-from-home restaurant and bar on KZN's South Coast, South Africa - and as a special bonus, it all comes with a delightful seaview!
Special_moments_at_a_favourite_family_restaurant_in_MargateSouth_Africa_16_Dec_2011_RS00119408.jpg Southcoast_hotspot_pumphouse_south_africa_16_Dec_2011_00519408.jpg Margate_Day_of_Reconciliation001_at_pumphouse_pub_and_restuarant19408.jpg Margate_Day_of_Reconciliation002_at_pumphouse_pub_and_restuarant19408.jpg Southcoast_hotspot_pumphouse_south_africa_16_Dec_2011_00419408.jpg Couple_in_love01_taken_at_Pumphouse_Margate_KZN_South_Coast_21_Dec_201119408.jpg Viljoen_family_from_Rustenburg_takes_time_out_at_Pumphouse_Margate_KZN_South_Coast_Dec_201119408.jpg Couple_in_love02_taken_at_Pumphouse_Margate_KZN_South_Coast_21_Dec_201119408.jpg Everyone_fell_in_love_at_pumphouse_today_ahhhhh19408.jpg Pumphouse_patrons_rock00119408.jpg Pumphouse_patrons_rock0028ta_in_town00119408.jpg Pumphouse_patrons_rock00419408.jpg Pumphouse_patrons_rock003Johan_Smit_8ta_in_town00119408.jpg Los_my_ek_konsentreer001_margate_South_Africa_Dec_201119408.jpg KZN_South_Coast_welcomes_Vaal_Triangle_fabulosity_27_Decresized_for_ws19408.jpg KZN_South_Coast_welcomes_Vaal_Triangle_fabulosity03_27_Decresized_for_ws19408.jpg KZN_South_Coast_welcomes_Vaal_Triangle_fabulosity02_27_Decresized_for_ws19408.jpg


2012 arrives

NEW_YEARS_4_MAGDA__NELIUS_003_RESIZED19478.jpg NEW_YEARS_4_MAGDA__NELIUS_002_RESIZED19478.jpg NEW_YEARS_4_MAGDA__NELIUS_001_RESIZED19478.jpg Phase_2_new_years_201200419478.jpg Phase_2_new_years_201200119478.jpg Phase_2_new_years_201200219478.jpg Phase_2_new_years_201200319478.jpg Phase_2_new_years_201200519478.jpg Phase_2_new_years_201200619478.jpg DSCN000119478.JPG


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